Frequently Asked Questions

Will this site help me collect wedding addresses?

Yes! We make it easy to facilitate your wedding address collection

How does this site work?

It's a simple process. Follow these 2 steps (or watch this video):

1. Sign up You will automatically be logged in after you sign up.
2. You just copy the link provided in "step 1", you email/facebook/twitter the link to your friends and family.

They start filling in the information and you can export it to excel or text file so you can print labels or sent them off to a caligrapher. It's never been so easy for wedding address collection.

Is my and my guests' information secure?

Absolutely. We never share any infromation collected on our site to any third parties. We will not spam you either, we are not jerks. We'll not in the spammy kind of way.

Why doesn't this site do <insert compaint here>?

Ahh, I see you are an "idea man". Well, please send your suggestions along, and if it makes sense for us to include it, we will. If not, we'll provide a reason and respectfully decline to add it. Just email me at

Why is your email address

Nothing gets by you, eh? I own as well. It's a site I created 11 years ago, and has been going strong since. We host free message boards over there for families, friends, strangers etc.. to communicate with eachother about anything and everything.