The story of

on a hot summer afternoon in 2011, we were sitting in the living room having a "very calm" discussion about my contribution to the whole wedding process. Like any other guy, I just figured that all I had to do was show up! Well it seems that one big annoyance for my future bride was that while she had everyone's digital contact information she had not one physical mailing addresses to send our wedding invitations/save the dates to. Well, she had her parents'.

Seemed like a pretty easy problem to solve, so I got to work. A whole 15 minutes went by and I cranked out a very simple site that had a form where people could enter in their name and addresses. She went on facebook and messaged all her friends, and in a week or two we had collected addresses of almost everyone we were going to send invitations to!

This was the finished product that helped us get all of our addresses.

We're now happlied married and living the good life. Then it occured to me one night... I should totally make this software public so that other people can use this method and make their lives easier. So here we are, I hope you enjoy this little app. I wish it makes your efforts in collecting address for your wedding/baby shower/party or any other formal event a lot easier.

Thanks for listening -- Joe

Joe & Kathy (left to right lol) at our wedding.